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Wednesday March 15, 2017!

Today was amazing! We threw a barbecue today and raised nearly $600. Thanks again to Aramark for the Hotdogs and buns and Frito-Lay for all the chips! Our guest sleepers last night competed to see who could raise the most amount of money, and together they almost raised $1,000 between the two! The tally is in and the winner is…….


As Wednesday night nears to an end, our sleepers have a few things to say!

Ashley Prefontaine:

It’s gotten to the point where I’m so used to being outside in the cooler temperature that whenever I go inside for class I’m so warm that my face is entirely red; so I’m just kind of that smelly, red-faced, make-up-less, hair-a-disaster kid in the corner, it’s fine. We received letters from the sleepers at U of M, and they were so amazing and so inspiring. Shout out to my mom who sent us a wonderful message that was relayed to us by Janelle, we were all so appreciative! Also a huge thanks to Dustin and all the campus security crew here, working so hard to make sure we are safe! Dustin dropped by today and gave us a dozen donuts (which I’m still not sick of, I’m pretty sure it’s not possible for me to get sick of donuts).  He regularly brightens my day! Eliza’s friend, Amanda brought us Kool-aid Jammers and Sunny-D last night!!! She is now one of my absolute favourite people! Nancy, our guest sleeper, also brought chicken noodle soup from Tim Hortons, which we absolutely fantastic. I have discovered a new secret to keeping my feet crazy toasty at night, involving multiple pairs of toe warmer pads and three pairs of socks, so I’m pretty set for the next two nights, foot-wise. So, basically everything’s coming up Ashley!

Beth Hilker: 

So. Many. Dogs. Thanks Alex Sim and Buddy, John and Archie, Nancy and her babies, and The Donnelly’s and Andy. The dogs make me so happy. If anyone else wants to bring their dogs by, I would not oppose. 
On a more serious(ish) note, we raised so much money today! Thanks Royal, Jacquelyn, and Nancy for becoming our family for the night. Mucho love!

Jaren Robinson:

Today was amazing. Last night I went to sleep with a bit of a headache, but I was feeling a lot better this morning. The temperature was nice, and I woke up well rested and ready to go. I mostly stayed at the box until we started the barbecue, but Royal bought us breakfast at the university lounge/bar which was amazing. I haven’t had actual breakfast food for a while, so it was nice to be able to get that. 

Once we had eaten and I had collected donations for a bit, we were ready to start the barbecue. We had to go to pick up the barbecue itself at about 11, and this was a much larger task than I had expected it to be. Once we had gone and grabbed it, we faced the task of pushing this very large barbecue all the way up the hill from University Hall to the bus loop where we were setting up. It didn’t seem that bad at first, but there were some steep sections  and by the time we got it to the top, I was light headed and my legs felt like noodles.  The barbecue itself was relatively successful, and I think a lot of it had to do with the extra timbits somebody had donated, and the many boxes of chips that our guest sleeper Nancy had helped arrange for us.

Our guest sleepers yesterday were all so passionate and serious about helping our cause and raising donations as best they could, and I’m sure that fire in their hearts helped us sleepers stay energized and ready to go as well. The guest sleepers so far have been great at gathering donations and bringing a fresh face, but I think I’m most grateful for their company and ability to keep us sleepers excited about this amazing cause that we are working toward.

Eliza Donnelly:

Last night was awesome, we took turns going to karaoke on campus and doing songs to ask for donations. Royal, our guest sleeper, and I sang a duet and collected money from almost every one in the place. Huge shout out to Royal for getting the nerve to sing karaoke. Our other guest sleepers were also incredible, as Jacquelyn raised more money in one day than any of us. Nancy was also amazing she was very friendly and outgoing, as well as one of our biggest supporters. The BBQ today was an incredible success and the community has been so generous. Lots of love to all of you cheering us on!

Guest Sleepers Tonight are both from ORS:

Everett Blakley:

As a fifth year student, I’ve seen several years of the 5 Days for the Homeless campaigns go on, and I’ve always wanted to participate. This year I finally decided to sign up, and I’m very excited to help bring some donations in. Myself and another member of ORS, Jonathan Diaz, will be guest sleeping tonight, with a friendly competition going on between Jon and I to see who can get the most donations, I’m hoping to raise as much money for this cause as possible. Somewhat because if Jon wins, I have to wear a dress to our Sunday meeting. But mostly for the great cause that it is supporting. 

Jonathan Diaz: 

Hello hello! If you’ve read Everett’s post, then you’ll know of the bet between the two of us. Whoever raises the least amount of money has to wear a dress at our council meeting. I think I can rock a dress, but I think it would be amazing to see Everett in one.  Other than that, I feel as though this will be a very humbling and interesting experience, and I urge you to come on by and donate whatever you can. Every little bit counts and makes a difference!