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Thursday March 16 2017!!!

Today slowed down a little for everyone, but State & Main brought food to the sleepers, and Wood’s Homes brought breakfast and then stopped by to visit the sleepers and say thanks for everything. They packed along games and coffee for the sleepers. Last night after they wrote the blog posts, Janelle gave the sleepers some letters from the volunteers who are sleeping from the University of Manitoba. I had the unique opportunity of seeing some of them in Winnipeg before I came home to run the event. They loved it. Finally, between Jonathon and Everrett, the winner was……..

JONATHON DIAZ with over $500. That being said, between the two of them they started a new wager. If between the two they received over $750, they would BOTH wear a dress, and sorry guys, but you had better get to the store because not only did they reach $750, they raised together just over $800. Thank you so much for the support!!!


The Sleepers would like to say:

Beth Hilker: 

I love the U of M letters! I’m so glad we did it. I hope they like ours too! The weather’s been so nice and we got a good sleep finally, but the wind picked up today giving me a bit of a headache. Only one more sleep though! By this time (6:25pm) I will be clean and in a shower… Well hopefully. The David’s tea has been a god sent and I’m so grateful for my friends and their donations and support! Thanks guys! 
Woods homes came by today (which I almost napped right through) and we got to talk to the staff there and those people are some of the kindest people and I’m happy that we are supporting them! 
No dogs today sadly 🙁

Ashley Prefontaine:

Getting to be just way too tired all day every day. My brain is turning out some pretty interesting thoughts and behaviours. Wood’s Homes came by and talking to them was incredible! Hearing about all of the work they do has really completely upped my spirits. They dropped off games for us! Which is something that was unexpected and entirely perfect. We have been playing a movie trivia game, and I thought I was pretty up on my film knowledge, but Beth and Jaren have been absolutely embarrassing me! Hanging out with the guest sleepers every night has been one of the most fun parts of this whole thing. Seeing two new people come in fresh faced and enthusiastic really helps keep you going. Everrett and Jonathon were so much fun last night, I heard some hilarious stories and watching them compete to raise donations was fantastic. One more night. Already dreaming of a hot shower and my bed. The end of the five days is actually pretty bittersweet, I’m really going to miss hanging out with these guys every day, this is definitely an experience that I am going to recommend to everyone.

Jaren Robinson:

Today was good, but I’m finally starting to feel a little tired like I’ve been told I would. Normally I would attribute this to things like staying up too late, or would probably be able to find something I’ve been doing that I could have avoided, but I really think that all of the walking around, braving the cold at night, sleeping on the hard ground, etc. is just starting to get to me.

I would hardly call what we’re doing anything close to what experiencing homelessness is really like, but even still the lifestyle is starting to seriously affect me after just 4 nights. Most people who are actually in this position have to brave this for far longer, and they don’t have the security that we do. We know that we’ll have some sort of donations every day, food, money, etc. We know that there are people watching over us, trying to protect us, trying to make sure we eat and stay healthy. We know that tomorrow, we get to go home. That security is not common at all within the homeless population. It’s a struggle after 4 days with all of those assurances, and I’m glad that I’m able to do something, however little it may be, to make sure that less people, especially youth, have to deal with this. 

Despite the week starting to drag on me a bit, I feel as if I’m still in relatively high spirits. Our guest sleepers last night were amazing at helping with that. We were telling each other stories, laughing, playing music, and having all sorts of fun. They had their fun little bet and, along with their natural likeable and outgoing personalities, they were able to help us raise an amazing amount of money yesterday and today. Considering it’s one of the last days of the week. what they were able to contribute was monumental. The new sleepers just showed up and are ready for what the rest of the week has to offer.

It’s a little bit bittersweet that the week will be coming to an end tomorrow. It’s our last night together at our little box. I’m definitely excited for a hot shower, a real bed, and a return to technology/social media. For some reason I can’t help but feel like I’m going to miss this a bit though. Over the past 4 nights and days, I’ve become very close with the other sleepers. Not to mention our coordinators as well, the support and encouragement that Janelle and Sarah have shown us has been overwhelming. That tight-knit support system we’ve had for each other is about to go away, and I only hope I can keep in contact with them after this. Every one of them is an amazing person, and I’m sure they’ll all go on to do even more amazing things with the rest of their lives. 

Eliza Donnelly:

Last night was so much fun my parents came to see me and brought me bath bombs for when I get to go home. They also brought my dog to come give me cuddles, it was sad to see them go.  I also had my friend from Calgary  come and visit which was a great surprise.  Paradise Canyon donated us pops which was awesome, and lots of people dropped us off hot chocolate and coffee. 

This morning was beautiful until the wind picked up, but we got an incredible amount of donations today. Woods Homes staff swung by to thank us for coming which was awesome, especially since so many of them came. Leading into tonight it is very bittersweet, as much as I would love to go home and shower I will truly miss the other sleepers and everyone that came to visit. Thank you all for your care and support.

Guest Sleepers:

Alex Glydon: MSS – VP Finance, and President of the Accounting Club

Sandeep Parmar: Incoming ULSU VP Academic:

Alex Glydon:

I am extremly excited to be a part of the 5 days for the Homeless campaign at the U of L. My brother was a sleeper in 5 days in 2014 and has spoken to me many times about the wonderful experience. I cannot wait to experience it myself. 

Sandeep Parmar: 

I am immensely excited to be part of the 5 Days for the Homeless campaign because I think it is incredibly important to help those on the streets. I know my contribution might be small, but every penny counts. I look forward to getting to know the people that I will be raising money with. I think I’ll also get more insight on what it really means to be homeless. What I least look forward to though is the cold.