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The Final Moments of 5 Days

We did it! We hit $10,000 and exceeded it. I personally cannot thank everyone enough. The support has been overwhelming and I cannot wait to plan this event again next year! – Sarah von Gradulewski Co-Cordinator of 5 days Lethbridge 2017. 

Our Sleepers Final Messages:

Ashley Prefontaine: 

Finished! The end has come with tears of happiness and joy. I am so proud of reaching our goal. This week has been one of the most humbling experiences of my life. I have now taken the time to reflect and be so grateful for every little wonderful aspect of my own life, everything that I have always taken for granted. I am so thankful for my absolutely, completely, words-cannot-describe, wonderful friends and family, never have I ever been so aware of the incredible personal support I receive on a daily basis from the ones I love. I think the stories that I have heard over the week of personal experiences with homelessness, poverty, and lack of love is what I will take with me the most. This has truly challenged me to consider what so many people go through every day, and really think about what I can do to help. On a lighter note, my personal goal was to not get pneumonia, which I also achieved! So really, just a very successful five days all around.


Beth Hilker:

I’m so happy. I can’t stop crying. We. Exceeded. Our. Goal. I am so #blessed that I practically have no words. I want to thank so many people. First I would like to thank all the people who brought their dogs and let me love them! John and Archie, Alex and Buddy, The Donnelly’s and Andy, and Sydney and Dre and their moms (who’s names I didn’t get). I want to thank the individuals who told us their story of being homeless and using Woods homes, your stories kept me going. I want to thank the Security team here at Uleth that kept us safe. Chris, Jordan, Steph, and Ethan for stopping by and making sure we had enough food and drinks after their shifts. Courtney and friends for all 18 cups of coffee. Clay for making sure I was okay and always expressing concern. The Zoo (Shawn, John, and Connor) for having us sing, providing food and letting us canvas. Thanks Roy and Ken for telling us their stories and letting us sit at their table at Karaoke night. Eliza’s friend Amanda for the Jammers. All of our amazing guest sleepers for helping keep us safe. The unnamed Bus Driver that always checks up on us. To the brothers and sisters in Greek Life here on campus, you all helped keep us going and provided so much for us. All the amazing staff at Woods home for the amazing work they do! So much love right now <3 xoxoxoxo 

Eliza Donnelly:

WE EXCEEDED OUR GOAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I have never been so thankful in my life. There are so many people I would love to thank, however Beth touched on most of them, So i will just send out a huge thank you to all of you. This has been a great experience and very eye opening. I will definitely miss everyone stopping by. A huge thank you goes out to Sarah and Janelle for organizing this event and the countless hours they put into everything. I also will miss Ashley, Jaren, and Beth; we have become quite the family and hope to stay in touch. I can’t wait to go home and shower, Lots of Love to you all.<3