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  • Thursday March 16 2017!!!

    Today slowed down a little for everyone, but State & Main brought food to the sleepers, and Wood’s Homes brought breakfast and then stopped by to visit the sleepers and say thanks for everything. They packed along games and coffee for the sleepers. Last night after they wrote the blog posts, Janelle gave the sleepers […]

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  • Wednesday March 15, 2017!

    Today was amazing! We threw a barbecue today and raised nearly $600. Thanks again to Aramark for the Hotdogs and buns and Frito-Lay for all the chips! Our guest sleepers last night competed to see who could raise the most amount of money, and together they almost raised $1,000 between the two! The tally is […]

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  • Tuesday! 2017!

    Today was a good one, we had the Lethbridge Herald come by, Global News, and Hudson’s Pub donated the lunch to the sleepers. Sonya von Heyking – a U of L professor – walked around campus with our sleepers asking the faculty members and other connections for donations so a BIG shoutout to her! We […]

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  • Monday 2017!

    Today it warmed up a bit, the snow fell onto the sleepers beds, but we made do. CTV News stopped by for an interview, we will post the link once they put it online. Our lunch donation was Mr. Mikes, and Woods Home’s stopped by to bring a few small gifts for the sleepers. Here’s […]

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  • The First Night 2017 University of Lethbridge

    Tonight we had the 5 Sleepers, 3 Guest sleepers, and the weather got down to -24. Here’s the Individual sleepers blog posts: Ashley Prefontaine: Day 1: It’s pretty crazy cold! I think if I can get through tonight, I can get through the rest of the week. Not having any technology with which to entertain […]

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