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Welcome to the 5 Days for the Homeless 2016 campaign! 5 Days for the Homeless is a campaign where students are helping other students who are at risk. As a campaign, we work hard to increase awareness of homelessness and abolish the negative stigmas that those experiencing homelessness face each and every day. Our campaign encourages people to rethink homelessness and realize that homelessness can happen to anyone.

5 Days for the Homeless has a vision to create a society where all individuals who experience homelessness can find opportunities to rebuild their lives and be successful. In addition to raising awareness, our campaign also fundraises donations that go to two local shelters. These shelters have multi-dimensional rehabilitation programs that focus on mental health, employment, adequate housing and more.

We are so excited for you to learn about our campaign here at Wilfrid Laurier University!

To see how our participants are doing, read their daily blogs here!






Come check out our events for the week:

Friday March 11th Kick Off Day:

Opening Ceremonies – 5 pm outside the FNCC

Saturday March 12th:

Dodgeball Tournament – 1-5 pm university stadium

Sunday March 13th:

Community Outreach Day – 12-4 pm Uptown Waterloo

Monday March 14th:

Mini Carnival Day – 12 pm

Concourse Motivational Speaker: Joe Roberts – 7 pm

N1001 Science Building Open Mic & Silent Auction – 10 pm

Wilf’s Celebrity Sleepover with Olivia Matthews and Tyler Vanherzele

Tuesday March 15th:

Zumba – 12pm the Quad

Open Forum – 7pm Paul Martin Centre

Wednesday March 16th:

BBQ – 11am Outside FNCC

Closing Ceremonies – 7pm KPMG Atrium

Thursday March 17th:

Turret Night – 10pm Turret Nightclub  

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