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We are fortunate enough to continue on with the campaign that started at our campus 11 years ago. About 1.5 million dollars raised for charity later, our companions across the country have grown this initiative to 26 schools across Canada. Continuing on this project is something we consider to be an honor and very humbling.

Our campaign this year is centered around education. We feel that there are a lot of misconceptions about what it means to be homeless and who the homeless really are. Hopefully, this educational standpoint sparks discussion and change in our city. We want to thank you very much for your contributions and support, we couldn’t do this without our donors. #givechange4change

-The UofA 5 Days Team

EVENT SCHEDULE– Everyone is Always Welcome!

Monday- Chai Tea and Snacks

Wednesday- BBQ- 11AM-2:30PM

Thursday- Pancake Breakfast- 8AM-12:30PM

Friday- Wrap-Up Party at the Pint Downtown

Thank you to our sponsors!

DLM Distributors

Sam Abouhassan Custom Clothiers

Southside Mitsubishi

ATB Financial

Our Participants

Ashleigh Baird logo

Ashleigh Baird

Ashleigh is in her final year of a SMO (Strategic Management) major. She is an organizational queen. Crafting schedules left and right. Planning cool events. That's the daily basis.
Brianna Rosychuk logo

Brianna Rosychuk

Brianna is a third year business student, majoring in business economics and law. She is the life-blood of the U of A 5 Days operation. She makes sure the team gets everything done on time. #THEboss
Jonathan Purdon logo

Jonathan Purdon

Jon is in his first year of business, majoring in finance. Some would say he is the heart and soul of the campaign with his continual energy and generosity.

Marissa McNeelands logo

Marissa McNeelands

Marissa is a third year business student majoring in human resource management. Besides her fascination (obsession) with her pitbull puppy, she also enjoys volunteering her time at YESS.
Seth Van Camp logo

Seth Van Camp

A jack of all trades but a master of none, Seth looks to apply his designs and marketing concepts to bring awareness for homelessness. Look out for the guy with camera.
Paige Grover logo

Paige Grover

Paige is a fourth year business student with a major in accounting. Behind closed doors, she is an accounting wizard-meticulously making sure not one penny is left unbalanced. #acct4life
Madie Schneider logo

Madie Schneider

Madie is in her first year of a bilingual commerce program with a major in OM. She is the brains behind the public relations. All the interviews and posts that make us look good? That's her.
Rebeka McDonald logo

Rebeka McDonald

Rebeka is in her last year of her BComm, with a major in business economics and law. Lets just say that she is able to round up sponsorship together faster than a dog can round up sheep.

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