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Montana Myers

Hey everyone! I'm in the my third year studying Commerce with a concentration in Supply Chain Management. This will be my second year in a row participating in the 5D4H campaign!

Why I am doing this:

I've often been asked why I would volunteer to experience homelessness for five days in the late winter. To voluntarily give up wages, my cell phone, my bed, access to food, and shelter. My response is always the same - so many youth worldwide, including in the Ottawa community, involuntarily don't have access to basic needs, yet alone luxury items. Throughout the 5 Days campaign, all funds raised will be going to Operation Come Home, an incredible organization in Ottawa working with homeless youth, offering them the support and resources to ensure that these individuals don't become homeless adults.

This year our goal is $12,000, and I'm positive that with the support of the Carleton community, we can again reach it!

Where to find me