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Kevin Harbottle

Hi everyone! I'm in my third year of my Bachelor of Commerce degree, with concentrations in Marketing and Management. I'm very excited to be participating in 5 Days for the first time!

Why I am doing this:

This year, I've had the pleasure of serving as Charity Director of the Sprott Business Students' Society. Throughout this year, my awesome team and I have put together events for really great causes. The most inspirational of these is 5 Days. I chose to participate this year because of how impressed I was with last year's volunteers, and the perseverance that they showed. I think it speaks volume to the importance of this cause that people are willing to sleep outside and go without their comforts (goodbye phone, see you in a week!) just to raise money and awareness. Operation Come Home is an amazing support centre that works tirelessly to offer support to youth in need, and I am glad for this opportunity to support them.

Our goal this year is $12,000. I am confident that with the support of the amazing Carleton community, we can reach it!

Where to find me