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My name is Isidora and I am the Chair of the 2017 5 days for the Homeless Campaign for the University of Winnipeg.
This is our university's 1st year participating in the campaign!
I'm a 4th year student majoring in International Development, Economics and Finance. I love WINNIPEG <3

Why I am doing this:

I am doing 5 days because I think it is a really important issue to bring awareness to and to get people thinking about the causes of homelessness and the real effects it has on youth that isn't visible on the surface.
I was also part of researching for Winnipeg's Plan to End Youth Homelessness for my practicum and heard a lot of stories from youth, and that made me want to be part of this campaign that is raising awareness and helping youth and organizations that provide services to homeless youth.

What will be the hardest part?

I think the hardest part will be trying to study and pay attention in class while participating. I think it also highlights why homeless youth can't just go to school or work, "get a job!", because you need certain needs met before you are able to physically and psychologically participate in work or school.

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