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Eric Mathew

Centre for international Students & Study Abroad
Accenture Community Consulting project
Sports Management Society
JDC West Team Haskayne (2 years)

Why I am doing this:

I believe it would be a good experience for me to endure what so many youth and adults in Calgary have to go through every single day. While it is only a short five days, I will gain a greater perspective on homelessness. Additionally, I hope to help the fundraising campaign for the Avenue 15 shelter – a great organization.

What will be the hardest part?

For me, I imagine the most difficult thing will be relying on others for all of my meals. The human aspect of homelessness is often forgotten, but it doesn’t always feel comfortable asking for help. I expect this to be a very humbling experience, and hopefully I will see how many giving people are out there.

What I will miss the most:

I will miss having the privacy and comfort offered by having a warm bed and bathroom at home. Sleeping in the Calgary cold will be challenging, but I am lucky to have many safety nets that actual homeless youth do not have.

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