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Donald Eastop

Guest sleeper

Why I am doing this:

5 Days for The Homeless which was established in 2005, starting at one school has now spread across Canada and currently involves over 25 school’s nation-wide raising almost $2 million to date for the cause. This year will be my first time being involved in the act of forgoing th comforts of home to raise awareness for youth homelessness and I look forward to being able to play my part in a campaign that is nationwide. Not only am I excited to be part of a powerful, impacting campaign, but this year Dalhousie University has set the goal of $25,000, a goal to celebrate 5 years dedicated to youth homelessness. Donate at https://5days.ca/schools/dalhousie-university/ and help the Phoenix Youth Program create a lasting impact on Halifax youth suffering from these terrible circumstances. Thank you.

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