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Devin Woodbury

My name is Devin Woodbury and I am a 4th year student graduating (this Spring) with a Bachelor of Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing. This is my first year sleeping outside for 5 Days or taking part in the campaign. However, last year I was around a bit for emotional support. (haha) Overall, I'm feeling good about doing this= and I think will be an interesting experience.

Why I am doing this:

Last year I got to visit Anne, Isadora and Quinn while they were sleeping outside and immediately took interest. I'm definitely curious to see what living outside will be like and I think it will be quite eye-opening to catch a glimpse of what homeless people experience. Winnipeg seems an especially tough city to be homeless in. There's not as much urban traffic as other cities and the weather fluctuates from being really cold to really hot. So in general, I want to do this to support the campaign, RAY, and to help advocate for the homeless in Canada.

Where to find me