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Chandler Holyoak

Why I am doing this:

Good Morning, Afternoon, or Evening, or whenever you may be reading this. My name is Chandler Holyoak and I am a 3rd year business student at the Alberta School of Business working towards a Human Resource Management degree with a Finance minor. This year I have the privilege to be a part of the 5 Days for the Homeless team in the position of Student Relations to help raise money for the great organization YESS. I decided to join the team because in the past I have volunteered with many programs that assist with youth and believe that youth should have as many support systems in place as possible. They should only be concerned about being a kid. My goal for this year’s campaign is to place the focus on YESS and what they stand for, so that we as a school can have the largest impact as possible.

What will be the hardest part?

I think the most difficult part of 5 Days will be maintaining my routine of school, social and student groups while trying to bring awareness to YESS.

Where to find me