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Bianca Freitas

My name is Bianca Freitas. I am a fourth year student at UTM specializing in Italian. I am an executive member of the UTM Helping Hands club on campus.

Why I am doing this:

I am doing 5 Days for the homeless in hopes of gaining a personal understanding of what it means first hand to be homeless. Although I try to help homeless individuals as often as I possibly can, I want to inform myself about the dangers that these brave people are exposed to each and every day. I want to raise awareness around my University campus for students who are not familiar with the relevancy of this issue in Mississauga. We are in a very fortunate community and it's time we start to give a lot more back to those who are in need.

What will be the hardest part?

The hardest part of this campaign will be being away from my dog for 5 days and nights. We are each others greatest comforts and it will certainly feel like an eternity apart. However, I understand that individuals who are homeless, especially youth, are torn away from their comfort zones and have little to no support; therefore, being away from her will definitely allow me to have the true experience.

What I will miss the most:

I think I will miss the freedoms that come with being fortunate to have a place called home. I typically do not have to worry about the next time I will be showering or have a hot meal. That being said, I truly believe that this is an experience that everybody should try once in their life.

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