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Arianna Hunter

Hello friends! My name is Arianna Hunter, and I am in my fourth and, unfortunately, final year at Carleton University, attending the Sprott School of Business for my Bachelor of Commerce with a concentration in Management.

Why I am doing this:

I strongly believe that as someone who has been fortunate with many incredible opportunities - to attend university, to have a loving and supporting family, to have a home - I should be giving back to those who may have been less fortunate. I think that by challenging myself to participate in 5 Days for the Homeless, I will better understand the severity of homelessness, and what we can do as a community to end it. I hope to gain an incredible experience which I can share with many, so people no longer have to struggle to survive and can finally begin to live.

Thank you again for allowing me to participate in 5 Days for the Homeless. Please feel free to contact me at anytime with any preparation you may need for the event.

Where to find me