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Hello, my name is Anne-Cecile and this is my first year being a sleeper as well as participating in the 5 days campaign.
I heard that this is the first year our university is participating in the national campaign and I am so happy to be a part of it!
I am a 4th year student Majoring in Economics and Finance.

Why I am doing this:

When I was first asked if I wanted to sleep outside for 5 days, my initial reaction was "I want to help".
When given an opportunity to learn about someones experiences and perceptions, I am interested in listening to them and seeing the way it has impacted them or the people they speak about. Having grown up in Vancouver, homelessness if very prevalent, especially in the downtown east side. I have always wondered what happened in their lives or what circumstances lead them to homelessness.

What will be the hardest part?

Safety - since there are only 2 of us sleeping outside for the 5 days and we are both female, not to mention our university is located in central downtown. Safety is a huge concern for me and I understand that for homeless teens on the street, especially women, it is one their biggest concerns as well.

Where to find me