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Night #3 Blog

Crystal Lau: 

People from E-Gadz visited us last night? We had a wake up song this morning? I don’t recall any of that, because I HAD A GOOD SLEEP!!  From the exhaustion the night before, all of us fell asleep pretty quick and did not wake up too much in the middle of the night. We were warm, and not on snow.
I had a long day, and I am thankful that we all had a good sleep, or else I wouldn’t have been able to pull off today at all the tasks at all!
I am excited to watch the press conference we did, it was on Facebook live, but I don’t get social media until Friday!
I am also running for a different campaign at the University and we had our first forum today (and it was Live on Facebook as well) – I think I did great!!  We will be doing our vlogging live on Facebook tonight – the third time being on Facebook live today!
**To mom:
Thank you for giving birth to me 22 years ago around this time (HK TIME)! I won’t be able to talk to you until Friday! Love you!
Night world <3 (insert snapchat filter, sleepy face emoji, red heart…. share that on Facebook then share it again on Instagram…)

Nickol Saenz: 

3 night to go!
The spot that we found from last night was pretty cozy and warm. The noisy alarm for the wake up call was sounding like a melody to keep sleeping. It was a good day, full of donations except for the guy at Tims that make me told him all the story about our amazing center, Egadz and after buying his coffee he did not even donate a cent. Not nice! However; it make so happy the  girl that asked me in the class how to get involve next year 🙂 
I hope we find a decent spot for tonight. See you guys, keep warm because definitely we will not be at all. I am crossing fingers to be in the middle of the others hp’s.
[ Esta es mi señal de vida: caso de que quizas vean esto los amo padres! Espero que todo este bien.]

Jazmin Evers:

‘Twas the night before Wednesday and all though the team;
We saw USask generosity and our faces did beam.
The monies were counted, by finance with care,
 And we knew it was worth all the cold we would bear.
The participants were nestled all snug on the ground, 
Dreaming of ice cream and perogies, served by the pound.
I wrapped up in my parka and pulled down my cap; 
I settled my brain for a long winter’s nap. 
When the garbage truck drove, there arose such a clatter, 
We sprang from the snow to see what was the matter. 
Then sank back to our pillows with a sense of relief,
And re-warmed our feet with extra copies of The Sheaf.
The morning soon came, and with it a new day, 
Music awoke us, and a fellow named Shay.
So we proclaimed to the world our new battle shriek,
Jazmin Evers and Clement C. Moore

Max Mykytyzyn: 

Last night we found an amazing spot to sleep. It gave us protection from the wind and it was completely flat so we could all stay under the tarp and be warm. The only drawback was a huge crash when a garbage truck came by, but that’s to be expected when you sleep outside in public. Our day started with the breakfast of champions, day old pizza. Nothing like a slice of meat lover’s pizza in the morning! Today I was met with some resistance when I was raising money. I was warned it would happen, but to have your prof aggressively refuse to let you do a class announcement is still surprising. There were also many people who gave me the cold shoulder while walking out and about on campus this afternoon. If this was the only way someone had to raise money for themselves, I could understand how it would be hard to be optimistic about yourself and your future after even a few rejections. That’s why EGADZ is so great, because they offer many different programs to support youth and guide them to become contributing citizens of Saskatoon. But Saskatoon’s giving spirit shone through again and it felt like we brought in a lot of donations today. We haven’t heard our new donation total but hopefully it’s high! At the end of the day that’s what matters and I hope our efforts will be able to really help someone.

Robert Mohrbutter:

The list of things I’m missing is getting longer every day. A few things include coffee, my dog, my bed, eggs for breakfast, showers, and last but not least wiping my butt with something other than 1-ply. All these things I usually take for granted but being without them really sucks. Last night I actually got a decent amount of sleep but I still feel absolutely drained. You know how great it feels to just plop down on the couch after long day and just lay there for a while? I’ve been craving that since Monday morning. Being at the university constantly there is nowhere I feel I can get proper rest and relaxation. I want to go home. I like my home. I can’t imagine what it is like to not have a place to call home. Unfortunately that is the cold reality for many homeless and at-risk youth. Don Meikle, executive director at EGADZ, explained to us that for so many of these kids all they want is a home. A home being a place where you can feel comfortable, safe and have a big comfy couch to enjoy. EGADZ provides (and hopes to provide more) “homes” for youth and young mothers with children here in Saskatoon. Being without a “home” these past few days has shown me how important mine is to me. In terms of the campaign everything is going well and everyone involved is working hard (especially those counting up all the cashola). Talking about the campaign with people today was interesting to say the least. Somebody asked me where I was sleeping tonight and I could honestly say, “I don’t know”. That was a weird feeling. “I don’t know” has been the answer to a lot of questions lately: what are you going to eat for dinner? What is going on in the news? Does anybody actually read these blogs? And on that bombshell, it is time for us to end, thank you all and good night!