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2018 – Night #1

Kristen Volstad: 

Last night I got the privilege to sleep inside a house, in a warm bed. Tonight, I’ll be sleeping outside in an attempt to empathize with homeless youth who face this challenge every day. While I will never fully be able to relate, I am excited to raise funds and awareness to aid these people.

SO, in a more short term, physical sense, I’m kind of freaking out. It’s like, what did I get myself into? But what keeps me smiling is that I’m so proud of EGADZ and the work that this organization does. It’s so valuable and important and I really wish that this campaign is a success in all of its goals. Today, in the library, a woman came up to me and Anja and asked about the campaign, which was super exciting. I love that our ~neon~ orange t-shirts attracts this attention. So, we talked about EGADZ as well as the nitty gritty of the campaign. I really appreciated the opportunity to be an advocate for a cause that I care about.

Alrighty roo, I think I’ve gabbed enough. Have a good night guys (and appreciate your warm bed!!!)

Baxter Kawula: 

After suffering 24 consecutive turkey burps, I am beginning to wonder whether my offensive inhalation of the Yard and Flagon’s pot pie and nachos was a good idea. Autumn nearly defeated her own protein trophy by tackling the infamous MONSTER burger – it was both impressive and disgusting. She was quoted saying “I had no idea there would be two patties on there. I just thought MONSTER was a cute name”. Her meat fever was so intense that the whole group had second-hand beef sweats. She is now completely conscious and we are expecting a full recovery. ​

John Younger: 

Today has been good so far. We did interviews with the news then went out for our last real meal for the next 5 days. Afterwards we started at 5 PM by handing over our wallets and phones. Prior to the campaign I attempted to mentally prepare myself for the days to come but I’m unsure if I am ready. I have not had to sleep outside yet so I still don’t fully know what to expect other than the warnings I got from past participants. Still echoing in my mind is the visit we did to EGADZ and how thankful they were. We walked around and found some good spots for places on campus where we could possibly sleep. Afterwards a person came up to our group asking about the campaign. They seemed to be very on board for 5 Days for the Homeless. My biggest worry so far is talking to someone and they don’t understand how much 5 Days helps. I am very passionate about at risk youth and having to help someone understand how serious of a problem homelessness is while they refuse to see it, will be stressful for me. However I have a lot to look forward to, we have some great events that I can do like the Participant Q&A on Tuesday where I can talk about the impact EGADZ  makes on the city of Saskatoon or the Improv show on Thursday which should be a lot of fun. In whatever shape or form I am expecting to have an eventful time.​

Autumn LaRose-Smith 

Today marks the first day of the campaign. I prepared myself for my week as a “Sleeper” by having an extra long shower (sorry roomie for that water bill), brushing my teeth (3 times…), and dressing in my warmest layers of clothing. First, I want to thank everyone who helped me prepare for the week ahead, I am truly grateful for the support in my life. This campaign puts things in to perspective fairly quickly. If I was actually facing homelessness I probably wouldn’t have access to all of these things we take for granted every single day. We went for a “last supper” together before having to give up our phones and wallets and me being me decided to jump in on the ritual pub-sharing of nachos and get the “Monster burger” meal. The description of the meal said it was for “determined appetites” which sounds fitting right? Well during supper I can say that we all had a sudden realization that the food we ordered was our last guaranteed meal for a week.  I ended up getting an upset stomach and meat sweats which I am sure will translate well on camera in the many photos taken of me after. Though this is a fundraiser for EGADZ and none of wish to trivialize the very real struggles the homeless population in our community face, the sudden fear of not knowing when you will eat next was eye opening, to say the least. I’m tired today and I am excited to sleep, I just hope that the first night outside will be bearable. 

Anja Eliasson

And it has begun! The first day of the campaign is finally here, even though technically preparations has been going on for more then a month – thanks to each and everyone on the team for doing such a great job of organising and arranging everything! Now it’s time for us to do our part in this and I’m both excited and nervous. Excited to raise awareness for the issues of homelessness and for the wonderful work that EGADZ does. Excited to raise loads of money!!

In preparations for today I decided to sleep very little last night so that my chances of falling asleep tonight would increase. Right now its 9 pm and I can’t wait to go to bed so my strategy is working so far – updates will come tomorrow on whether or not it did. We have been out scouting some good places to sleep and I’m having a good feeling about the first location.

Today we have been doing interviews for the Global and then we went on to have our “last supper” (nachos and veggie burger, very good) I ate as if it would be the only thing I will get to eat this week. This campaign puts things in perspective really quick and even just the thought of not knowing when my next meal will be is scary. Just one out of many things that I have realised I take for granted with ease. This week will forever change my perspective on all of the privileges in life. The support that I’ve gotten from friends and family is wonderful, I’m so thankful for all of you.

Keep your fingers crossed for a warm night for all of the people out there that do not have a place to stay tonight and remember, we are not homeless – but we are raising money for someone who is!