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Monday 2017!

Today it warmed up a bit, the snow fell onto the sleepers beds, but we made do. CTV News stopped by for an interview, we will post the link once they put it online. Our lunch donation was Mr. Mikes, and Woods Home’s stopped by to bring a few small gifts for the sleepers. Here’s what the sleepers have to say today:

Jaren Robinson: 

For the large part of today, I just sat in my sleeping bag. From a cold night to a cold morning, I was not ready to give up the warm inside of my sleeping bag right away. Since I didn’t have a morning class to go to, I spent a large part of the day laying and my sleeping bag and rattling my can around, attracting donations.

We had a lot of people stop by the box to donate drinks, food, and whatever change they had while I sat there. It was heartwarming to see all of the people willing to give whatever they had because they cared about both us and our cause. I understand that the donations and business will likely slow as the week goes on, but I truly hope I can see more of this kindness and caring through the rest of the week. 

The best part about today was hearing a story from a student who was helped by Wood’s Homes in their youth. It’s nice to see someone who was directly impacted by the organization that we’re raising money for, and with such a powerful experience. The student and a couple of us sleepers shared stories, smiles, and a bit of tears, and I’ll be thinking of them, as well as all of the other youth that this will no doubt help, as I push on through the rest of the week.

Marissa DeRosa: 

Night one was a challenge. The combination of bad weather, uncomfortable beds, and the wind made it really hard to sleep. I am so thankful for all the food donations so far…. but gosh am I going to be sick of Timbits. A moment that I will never forget was meeting a former youth who used woods homes services. Their story was heartbreaking and really helped me realize who and why I am supporting and fighting for this cause. Everyone deserves a roof over their head, and warm place to sleep. 

Please keep donating and sharing the love <3 

Eliza Donnelly:

Today was definitely a lot better than last night. The overwhelming amount of donations was incredible. This experience is truly helping me have faith in humanity.I feel so blessed to know how much people care and are willing to support not only us but the homeless youth. This experience is changing my outlook in so many positive ways. Although the nights may be cold it is by far one of the most eye opening experiences I have had. I can not wait to see what the rest of the week brings. Thank you all for your support. <3

Beth Hilker:

Today really is a monday of all mondays. Super tired and a little grumpy, but hearing a lovely individual’s story of their experience with Wood’s Homes is keeping me going. Their story warmed my heart and I now know the wonderful work they do is worth my five short days of less sleep. I am so blessed by the amount of support we are receiving from the faculty, staff and students here at ULeth. Hopefully it will stay dry tonight! Again, Hi mom and dad. I am fine <3 

Ashley Prefontaine:

Last night was rough! But I made it, stayed outside the whole time! Froze to death, didn’t get much sleep, but after that I can get through anything. Today, everyone has been so amazing! I love talking to everyone that stops by, and hearing all the incredible support everyone is giving us. Mr. Mike’s donated an amazing lunch, mac n cheese is my ultimate comfort food, so that just made my whole day. I love all my fellow sleepers and all the volunteers we have, I couldn’t imagine a better bunch of people to go through this with!

Guest Sleepers:

Katelyn Pelton: The Treasurer of Delta Eta Iota. 

I’m excited for tonight, hoping it doesn’t get too cold though!