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Days 3 + 4 – U of A


Thanks to Michelle from the U of A for sleeping out with us! Her wisdom and stories from past campaigns really raised our spirits through the night.  

Today was our barbecue event, which was a huge success! Special thanks to Dewey’s for providing the burgers on such short notice. As usual, we ran our classroom runs, and really emphasized reaching a diverse range of students from all faculties. 

As it is technically the halfway point of the campaign, I think this day was difficult for many of us. While we have adjusted to the “5 Days Life”, it has been challenging to balance all of our responsibilities to the campaign as well as to our academic commitments. It really puts into perspective the mental and physical toll that an unstable living situation can create. I’m sure we all appreciate our support structures even more, and are empathetic to the struggles of youth at risk knowing that we can never truly simulate homelessness.


Tonight is our sleep-a-thon! We’re really looking forward to having our friends join us for a night.

As the campaign comes to a close, we’d like to give thanks to all the people that have supported the campaign through their donations, their time, and their willingness to be more aware of youth homelessness. We appreciate the opportunity to facilitate rich conversations about YESS, and the issue of youth homelessness in Edmonton. One thing that people are surprised to hear is the gap in services for youth that YESS fills. Between the ages of 16-24, YESS is one of the main supports for youth at risk!

Goodnight everyone!