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Day 2 – 5 Days U of A

The campaign has started off wonderfully!

Unfortunately, we got caught up in the hustle and bustle of the first day and forgot to post!

Quick recap of Day 1:

The excitement of starting the campaign propelled us to a great start to the week. The outpouring of support for our pancake breakfast was heartwarming, and it was great to see so many people interested in learning about YESS and the work they’re doing. 

The first day of our classroom runs was hectic, but overall positive. While speaking in front of a large group of people is nerve wracking, it is made way easier when you’re speaking for a purpose. In our case, spreading the word about YESS’ efforts to prevent and break the cycle of homelessness was a message that was worth spreading far and wide. 

Sunday night was terribly cold, and there was very little sleep to be had while adjusting to the ground and the chilly temperatures. It really put into perspective the challenges that people go through while on the streets in cold climates such as Edmonton. While we are putting ourselves through some discomfort, in no way can true homelessness be simulated or fully understood! On a positive note, spirits were kept high by telling stories and watching Chandler flop around in his sleeping bag!

Day 2:

Tuesday was filled with more classroom runs! 

A big shout out to our 5Days supporters for the meals they have brought! They have been essential to keeping our energy high.

A question we’re often asked is: why does 5 Days do this? Aren’t you crazy?

Our answer often is that youth homelessness is a cause that is important to each member of the 5Days team. While everyone may personally have a different reason why they decided to be a part of the campaign, we’re all united in our belief in the work the YESS does for youth at risk. From our tour of the facilities to interacting and learning from members of of the YESS organization, its easy to see the importance that they have in the lives of the youth they help. Their focus on prevention with youth is especially noteworthy, as breaking the cycle of homelessness early is essential to ending homelessness itself. With this in mind, anything that we can do to help them, whether it be through collecting monetary donations or  informing people about the work they do is a win in our books.

Here’s to another successful day and a warmer rest of the week!