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Boys & Girls Clubs of Calgary

Boys and Girls Clubs of Calgary is a leading provider of quality programs to children and youth that support the healthy physical, educational and social development of young people and their families. With over 40 programs at countless locations in every quadrant of Calgary, we meet with kids and families where they are and where they need us most. In 2014, the collective agency supported approximately 22,250 unique children, youth and families. This number changes frequently and reflects our programs, activities and community partnerships. Please note that this number does not include individuals who participated in onetime events, presentations or other such activities.

We offer programs and activities at countless location in every quadrant of Calgary, with trained, dedicated staff and volunteers who support children and youth, ranging in age from pre-school to young adulthood. Some programs offer physical recreation, technology, the arts and personal growth, while other locations provide nutrition services, family support programs, emergency shelter and other supports to children and youth at risk. Programs are offered primarily during the after-school hours when studies have shown that young people are most vulnerable at becoming drawn into anti-social behaviours. Many Clubs also offer programs during evenings and weekends.


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