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2018 – Night #4

Kristen Volstad 

​​This morning started with the mostly frozen remnants of last night’s pizza (thanks, campus security!) and a CTV interview sitting six inches away from Autumn’s sleeping body. At least she got to sleep in. Eventfulness continued as Shay forgot the key to the office at home. After a few classes I went to Curing the Crisis, a symposium with healthcare experts speaking about the opioid epidemic, social media and reproductive health, and innovative change in the healthcare system. This is where I suffered my first real rejection of the campaign as I was turned down on my request to pass around a donation box or make a 5D4H announcement. 

This evening was spent scouting locations to sleep tonight, our last night with just the five of us. The campaign has been fun, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss sleeping indoors in my warm bed. One of our celebrity guests from last night was saying how brutal it was last night, and how they couldn’t believe we were doing this for five days in a row. On the one hand, I felt like I’d already toughened up since Sunday since I actually slept pretty well, but it was also a reminder that for some people, there is no “end date” to their homeless. They don’t push through the cold nights because they know they’re going home on Friday, they do it because that’s all they have. ​Once again it’s a great reminder that this campaign is for such a good cause if it helps at risk youth have a warm, safe place to sleep at night.

John Younger 

The celebrity sleep over was so much fun! We had Corey O’Soup who is the youth advocate for Saskatchewan and my new best friend, we have already planned our summer trips together. We also had Janella who is a CTV news journalist, sleep with us then do interview when we woke up. THE HUGE NEWS IS Kristen and I went to the same middle school in Ottawa and we were a year apart! (I know she left that out of her blog maybe she is ashamed of this FACT). I continue my onslaught assault of snores upon Baxter I feel he may break soon, only time and blogs will tell. On my other front I have affiliated with Anya in order to pull a practical joke upon “Fall” hopefully our trap springs upon her soon. WE HAVE SO MUCH FOOD. Thank you everyone who has given us food and DEODERANT. We feel the support! Going to the classrooms have started to feel normal and encouraging even. The campaign ends in 2 nights and we are so close to our goal. On top of that if we raise 3000$ in cash donations SHAY WILL WAX HIS BODY NECK DOWN and that man has hair everywhere! Tomorrow is the Improv show where I get to show the rest of my HP’s my craft. I hope everyone can make it to the show it should be a really great time.​

Anja Eliasson 

Yesterday night we had some very nice company in form of Corey o’ Soup, youth advocate for Saskatchewan and Janella Hamilton with CTV news. Thanks for keeping us company and for spreading awareness through all the channels you have available. This is something we have been discussing today and that we have been mentioning to the people we have talked to – use your platform! This campaign is all about spreading awareness of the problem of homelessness at the same time as raising money, so spread the word people! Tell your friends, your relatives, your classmates, your prof. Get people involved and this way we can reach all the more people and raise all the more money. Remember that if every single student on this school would give only 1$ we would have already reached our goal!

We also had other guests yesterday. Secret guests. I woke up to the smell of pizza!!!! Yep you heard me – freaking pizza! I thought for sure I had gone some kind of crazy but, turns out it was once again campus security who were just being awesome and giving us food. BIG shout out to you guys, we appreciate it so much!

Today we have been killing the classroom announcements if I may say so myself! Can’t wait to hear the new total!! Also I want to prepare you guys, if we raise 3000$ tomorrow or Friday (we are aiming for Friday) Shay will do a complete body wax – from the face down. So save the big bucks for Friday people!!! BILLS ONLY!

Also, apparently I was being way to nice to the others last night and in return some people have been making fun of my Swedish today (I will mention names) and teased me in all kinds of ways, so just wanted to say that Baxter is a frog, Autumn smells like a teen boy going through puberty and John is the worst out of all people in the world at Swedish, no talent what so ever.
I only like you guys a little bit now. Kirsten is still good though.

Anyways, we are moving into the final night alone!!! Tomorrow we are having a committee sleep-over and I am so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Night xxxxx

Autumn LaRose-Smith


I don’t actually know what day it is anymore. I didn’t sleep again because I was cold and dumb and took my jacket off in the night. TONIGHT I WILL KEEP IT ON. The campus security brought us pizza tonight which was a perfect way to treat our guests! We had two celebrity guests today, Corey O’soup, the Saskatchewan Youth Advocate (First Indigenous Youth Advocate in Saskatchewan, GO Corey!) AND Janella Hamilton, the “On the Go Reporter” from CTV!!!! We got up at 5am and did a Facebook live video on Janella’s phone and after I forced myself to sleep (with my jacket on). I ended up sleeping through an entire interview she did with John and Kristen while sitting right next to me. Hopefully you saw me sleeping on live TV. The seniors’ class and a Women and Gender Studies class gave us a round of applause today and though it is nice it doesn’t get any less weird. I also gave an Ed class a wrong Skip the Dishes code today so I am so sorry to anyone in that class if you are reading this. The REAL code, which gets you 10% off your food and also donates 3$ to EGADZ is UofS5days (shameless plug).

So the orange shirts played a pretty good prank on me. Baxter and John told me that Anja (who is from Sweden) taught them how to say hello in her mother tongue. All day they reminded me how to say “hello” in Swedish because Anja was feeling homesick, I thought they were being kind but in reality they were watering a seed that was planted early this morning. When we were all in the library just about to start our blogs one of Anjas’ friend came to talk to her and he just so happened to also be from Sweden. John rolls his chair over to me and whispers, “Say hello in Swedish, Autumn” and slowly rolls away. It was chilling. I said hello and the conversation went like this:

“FAN (pronounced fawn) ROLLING STONES SHIRT GUY!!”


“FAN” *As I smile and waive aggressively in an attempt to make things less awkward*

“Autumn that word is a swear similar to ‘F#@k’”

We laugh, my face is red and he walks away.

Never trust the ones you love.

Baxter Kawula

Last night I put some serious distance between myself and lieutenant lawnmower lungs, John. He wasn’t the only person I exiled to the edge of Carboard Island; Anja was coughing up nuclear waste so I banished her to quarantine corner (a bad place for bad people, mostly Swedes). Upon removing myself from Mrs. Mono and Mr. Chainsaw, I fell into a proverbial pit of sadness. These two people, despite their repulsive behaviours, were MY people. We had a connection. Even if that connection was only platonically cradling each other’s frail starving bodies for warmth, it was still a connection. It was MY connection.

To quell the separation anxiety, I tried cuddling up to Corey. Sure, he wasn’t my first choice to spoon with, but as one famous person once probably maybe said, “rebounders can’t be choosers”. So here I am, in my sleeping bag, worming my way over to cuddle his backside, when this beast of a man does a complete 180 WEARING A JET BLACK SKI MASK. Just to be clear, this wasn’t a “I am a youth advocate” ski mask, this was a “I’m here to skin you alive” ski mask. Had I not had the good mind to relieve my bowels before bed, I would have pooped right then and there. Never have I been so vulnerable one moment – opening myself up to genuine human connection (spooning a strange older man) – and so physically scared the next. Needless to say, I spent the whole night in the fetal position vowing never to trust again.

But yeah, cool guy Corey is.