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2018 – Night #3

Anja Eliasson

Jackpot! Sleept really well yesterday (spelling mistake intended)! My biggest fear of having to wake up in the middle of the night to pee came true last night but it actually went quite well. I did however wake most of the others up so I’m really sorry about that my little orange family! Tonight there will be no fluids for me from this point on!

Yesterday was a heartwarming evening. First EGADZ came buy with sandwiches to us and straight after, Campus Security rocks up with donouts and hot chocolate. Luxurious to say the least! People are being so incredibly nice and the food donations for us has kept rolling in so today I haven’t been hungry at all. This experience will forever change the way I go about life. It has become even more clear to me how important it is that we see people. Even if we know that we can’t help everyone, we can and should do something. I will admit that many times earlier in life I have walked away from homeless people or people begging for money. I think the fear comes from being scared that I would have to get really involved in their lives and help make everything better. Very selfish and actually kind of horrible. Now as I’ve been having a lot of time to reflect on this I believe that the first step is actually just to acknowledge people. See them. Say hi, ask how their day was, ask if they are hungry or need something else. To act like they don’t exist is the worst thing possible. And even if you are not ready to do more than that, it could be a first step, maybe you find out there actually is something that you could help out with or that you could help them get in contact with organizations that can help them further on. This is something I will work on from now on, to stop looking away.

I think that will be it for confessions for tonight. John keeps asking personal questions every time we are about to go to bed, I can’t wait to hear what he has stored for tonight! In some weird way I’m looking forward to crawling down in my sleeping bag next to all of them. They are amazing people. I went into this campaign to raise awareness and money for EGADZ as well as for personal development. Little did I know that I would make such amazing friends!

Sleep well all you at home!!

Autumn LaRose-Smith

Baxter peed himself today. (Baxter it’s not funny when you add it in your blog too)

Last night was better than the first night even though I still didn’t sleep. I was used as a human shield to protect the “fam” from the wind. John slept half naked in his sleeping bag while I violently shivered and cuddled the 10-cup hot chocolate and 2 dozen donuts from Tim’s that campus security brought us. In the morning “Tip-Toe (Through the Tulips)” our morning wake up song picked by John blasted and the shrill voice of the singer gave me shivers on top of my shivers. Flash forward 4 ½ hours later and it was our Q&A and Soup event with the Horticulture Club. SHOUT OUT TO HORT CLUB FOR YOU’RE AMAZING DONATION. HELLA GREAT SOUP AND EVEN GREATER PEOPLE.

Today was draining and I almost fell asleep. Did anyone know there are seniors’ classes on campus and all the students are wonderful?!?!? I almost fell asleep on second floor arts when I sat down and a senior lady came and talked to me to tell me how amazing it is to feel included in the campus community. THAT WAS SWELL.

As I write this some of my closest comrades sit next to me to visit and I’m feeling the love.


Baxter Kawula

Last night’s sleep was muy bueno – that’s French for very bueno. Our tarp burrito was rolled much tighter and I was lucky enough to secure the little spoon position from both sides. It wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows though, as I did spend the entire night with Anja and John’s dirty donut breath in my face. Yes, I chose to sleep beside the human foghorn again. His snoring will no longer be a problem because I’ve found my secret weapon: the Sheaf. Indeed, nothing lulls a person to sleep quite like their sorry attempt at journalism. Jokes aside, I did shove 86 issues into my sleeping bag for insulation.


Speaking of issues, I am beginning to lose trust with the others. I overheard them say something about eating me, or that I peed myself, or that they wanted to eat my pee? I don’t know, I was listening with a cup to the wall so the sound was pretty muffled. Just know that everything they tell you about me is A LIE! Except all the good stuff, that’s all true.

Looking forward to sleeping with our two celebrities tonight!


Xoxo Gossip Girl

Kristen Volstad

​Access to fresh, healthy food is a privilege that a saddening number of people don’t have. The past couple days I’ve mostly been eating food that is cheap, portable, and processed, and I’ve felt like a zombie (other than the delicious squash soup from the Horticulture Club – shout out to them for being awesome!). I’m lucky to be able to afford fresh, unprocessed produce and meats, but this experience has offered me a taste of what it’s like to only be able to eat what you can find – and I haven’t really had to go hungry, so I’m STILL lucky. Feeling like my brain is in a fog all day though hasn’t been pleasant, and in the long term there are health risks associated with this kind of diet that would put even more unneeded strain on an underprivileged youth (or anyone). 

I’ll end this by saying that non-perishable goods are obviously an important staple for organizations like EGADZ, but they do still list fresh/frozen veggies and meats, so if you have some to spare, consider that you could help put a nutritious meal in someone’s belly tonight.

John Younger 

Baxter peed himself this evening.

Last night we had a very good sleep. After a day of being tired it was not that hard to just pass out. Before we fell asleep we were visited by EGADZ who gave us apples and sandwiches. Right after wards campus security came bringing donuts and hot chocolate. These back to back events were what I needed as a pick me up, so I had lots of energy to prepare for sleeping. We did so much more preparing for the sleep than the first night which we learn from our mistakes. After waking up we went to classrooms than had the press conference to answer some questions with the assistant director and director of EGADZ. Hearing them talk about how grateful they are for what we do was so energizing. Shoutout to the hort club for their amazing soup it was delicious. Went to classrooms. Then we got donated sandwiches with very encouraging notes so shoutout to the two people who gave us thatJ. Today has been a good day the joking between participants continues. I feel so encouraged to keep raising money for EGADZ and I am excited to hear the total amount soon.  ​