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2018 – Night #2

Night 2! 

Autumn LaRose-Smith

March 12th, 2018

Update: Last night was on the worst end of bearable mostly because we were all incredibly naïve to what was about to unfold. In the beginning it felt like I was going to get more sleep than when I’m sleeping at home, who even goes to bed at 11pm normally???? We were all “too hot” in our sleeping bags so naturally our response was to remove our layers, that was dumb. Soon the cold set in and made every part of my body feel like it was burning. I had already let someone else borrow my sweater and I was using my jacket as a pillow because I forgot one. I spent my night laying awake, wondering if it was worth getting out of my sleeping bag and losing whatever small amount of heat I had to put on my jacket or just suffering until morning. Thankfully, in the pitch black I had Baxters’ aggressive snoring as a distraction from the possible loss of my toes. The wait for morning, for warmth and for light, felt like it somehow couldn’t have come any later than it did. I’m pretty sure I did an interview with Global Morning? I also swore I could “see cold” as an entity so who knows what happened. If tonight doesn’t go better now that we kind of have an Idea of what we’re in for then we are sacrificing Baxter for warmth because his recent knee surgery makes him the weakest link.

    As the day went on I began to notice all the little things I take for granted. Going in to this I assumed I would talk about the obvious “big” things such as my bed, shelter food etc. however it’s the little things that are wearing me down. I took lip-chap for granted. It seems small but when your lips are so dry they’re burning and you have to decide between food or lip chap that “small” thing turns into something a lot bigger. It’s good to focus on the big things, that’s survival, but now I am missing things I never thought I’d miss. Please if you can, take a couple pairs of your socks and donate them in our bins, if you’re wondering why then go 5 days wearing the same socks all day every day. You’ll soon understand. These “little” things can have a HUGE effect on someone’s everyday life. Anyways. Hi mom, I love you and don’t worry. I can say this is all over in 4 more nights and even that is more than what others might have.

Baxter Kawula

Last night I chose to sleep far away from the burger baroness, Autumn, using Anja as a human shield to protect myself from her noxious fumes. As the night progressed, so did the harsh cold and I quickly regretted putting myself so far away from our only source of warmth. My profound jealousy of Autumn’s methane-heated sleeping bag was rivalled only by my passionate hatred for John. Had I known of his uncanny ability to transform his airways into a Boeing 747, I might have chosen to sleep beside someone else.

In all seriousness, today was a good day. Yes I am exhausted, and yes I ate 13 handfuls of shreddies for supper, but I also got a ton of donations and had some pretty meaningful conversations. It never seems to amaze me how kind and generous people can be when you put them in situations to do so. It’s inspiring to see our community rally behind this issue and support the city’s more prominent organizations that combats it: EGADZ.

Anja Eliasson

Strategy from last night did not really work. I think. I am not sure though. Getting woken up this morning to Sia’s “Survivor” I felt like I did not sleep at all but Baxter keeps insisting that I was snoring which indicates I was in fact sleeping a bit. I am positive it is not true because he is the one who kept me up with his snoring. That and cold feet. Tonight we are trying some new strategies, I’m excited! So in other words I am keeping up the strategy from last night, little to no sleep with big hopes of sleeping like a baby tonight!

The day has been rewarding in many ways. It started with interviews for Global Morning and went on to doing various classroom announcements with some of the other participants. The best part was being introduced by a professor saluting us with a trumpet, he set us up real good for donations, kind of felt like a superstar! Anyway, we have gotten donations in forms of money, food, toothbrushes, socks and – the best hug ever from a very happy professor. Thanks to all of you that has donated today, every single cent matters and we appreciated it so much! The money will allow EGADZ to continue on with their amazing work! As participants we got to experience one of their services yesterday when they came out to find us to give us a sandwich and hot chocolate. Highly appreciated! And I can’t even comprehend how much the snacks and their friendly faces would mean if I actually was homeless.

It has also been an intense day, not going to lie. But I’m hoping we have managed to raise a lot of money. We will get to know very soon as we are about to go do our vlog! So check that out if you want to know more what we have been doing today. Also tomorrow their will be Q&A in the Agriculture building at 11.30 and the Horticulture club has been kind enough to make soup that they will sell by donation, money all goes to EGADZ. So come ask questions or chat with us tomorrow!


John Younger 

After the first night, it’s safe to say I am exhausted. We did not do as much preparing for sleeping outside as we should have. A few hours in we all felt very cold but didn’t want to leave our sleeping bag to fix anything on top of that Baxter was snoring all night. When we woke up we did an interview with global news then we walked around campus and spoke to classrooms to get donations. Speaking one on one with strangers was difficult. The thought of having to live a life where every sleep is uncomfortable/cold and in order to get every meal you have to ask strangers is unthinkable for me. Come Friday I am done. I can go home and sleep in my bed. The youth that we are doing this for do not have that hope. We did get some food today which we treasured and split amongst the other Sleepers. The other sleepers are great to be around, we keep each other laughing which is super helpful to get me to the end of the day. Tomorrow we have a Q&A which will be a great way to spread awareness for homeless youth.​

Kristen Volstad 

Last night, I was the only one who was cold when we set up for bed, but I think I ended up having the best sleep, which isn’t saying much. I’m using two sleeping bags stacked inside each other and the outside one fell off at some point in the night so I woke up FREEZING. I’m definitely glad the cold night is behind us. Besides the cold, it could have been a lot worse.

I had classes all day, so other than eventually getting hungry it didn’t feel much different than any other day. Even though it’s only been one day, there have been several moments where I became quite conscious of how different it is to not be able to pull out my debit card and buys the thing I want, when I want them. I forgot my lab manual at home (along with about 50 other important items, oops) and normally I literally would have just bought a new one. Usually if I got hungry at school I would just go buy a snack. If I was tired, I would just get a coffee. There are all of these little incidents happening every day that I never thought twice about until the opportunity was taken away.

The orange shirts attract a lot of attention, and have turned out to be an easy conversation starter. People have been showing a lot of interest in learning about the campaign which has been really exciting to see.

That’s all I got for today, thanks everyone for your continuing support!